Reality As I See It (No Filters)

Welcome to the World with No Filters

Where we will address what happens everyday, call it what it is, and make the most out of the situations we encounter.


Alright, so it has been forever since I have written anything.  What can I say?  It has been a hell of a year.  Covid-19 has shown how even mundane things can become political and stupid.  Somehow making a decision or an innocent mistake makes people crazy, as if we haven’t been living with deadly diseases […]

The Need for Forgiveness

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I went to the cemetery to put some flowers on his grave.  His death has not been easy, and the breakdown he and I had 4 years ago makes it even harder.  It is one of the reasons that I write so much about forgiveness and patience.  We had […]

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