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Who am I

I am just your average American, from a mixed heritage of European and Caribbean (I hope I spelled that right) decent. Democrats from Europe and Republicans from the Caribbean. A family that started off poor with a dad who had me while he was still in college and mom who worked to put him through. Grew up middle class and sought to become my own boss. I have an interesting family to say the least, and an interesting relationship with my wife and kids.

I annoy my wife and kids by the simple fact that I say what I think and dress the way I want, and sometimes that embarrasses them. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but that’s life. We don’t have to agree on everything or even on anything, doesn’t mean we can’t get along or even be friends. I hope that everyone who joins me on this journey will be able to tolerate and be friends with people they don’t agree with.

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