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The Relaxing Road Trip

The proverbial road trip, something for those that enjoy the journey over the destination, or the rest of us, because it is cheaper than flying.  But if you are not a fan of driving in a car for extended periods of time, it sure as hell is better than it used to be.  With cellphones, tablets, and way better handheld game systems, you can make your car into a mobile entertainment center.  But a couple decades ago, road trips were boring as hell, and if you were driving, the best thing you could do was try to sleep like a contortionist.

But no matter what decade you have gone on a road trip, never drink too much before you start.  Because you may not realize it from watching TV, but there is a lot of space between bathrooms, so the best you can do if you are in between is go on the side of the road.  If you do opt for this location, you better pray that no police catch you, because if they do congratulations, you’re a sex offender.  With all of the luxuries of being on a list and having to move if you live to close to a school or church.  And that list, will never say why you’re on it, only that you are.

Back to the road trip, has anyone ever noticed how much space is completely unoccupied.  If I were to believe the dystopian future of all the movies, it is hard to imagine that there are places where people don’t live on top of each other.  There is just so much green everywhere, and that was just a three hour drive from Houston to Austin, and we even lost cell service.  It is hard for me to imagine being disconnected from the world, but it also seems like it would peaceful too.  Out there where it is miles between neighbors, I doubt they have high speed internet or cable, they are probably running on a septic system too.  But the thought of it just seems so peaceful and relaxing, maybe when I retire, I’ll go live along everyone else’s road trip.

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