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License Debacle

A week ago, I got a letter in the mail telling me that I need to renew my driver’s license, but this time I must bring proof of citizenship.  God forbid the local government upgrade to email, like everyone else, instead they rely on people being chased by the neighborhood dogs to not drop the letters while running like Usain Bolt.  You would think for important documents they could at least send it certified mail, then at least there is a little more motivation for the mailman to deliver it.

Now to the other annoying part, I must prove that I am a citizen.  To do this I, I can bring my birth certificate or an unexpired passport.  But when I got my passport, I had to bring my birth certificate too, because somehow this magical document proves you’re a citizen.  I also had to have my birth certificate to get my license when I first got it at 16 years old.  I figure since we are dealing with the government, a tiny bit of logic is just way to much to ask, so even though I proved my citizenship decades ago I apparently have to do it again.

Back to the birth certificate, what about this document proves anything?  It doesn’t have anything on it other than text saying your name, your parents’ name, the date and place of birth.  No wonder it is so easy to steal someone’s identity.  If you can get your hands on someone’s birth certificate, there isn’t really anything to prove that you’re not the person on the certificate.  Then there is the fact, that your parents get this document when your born, and given the way most people are, it gets lost.  If you need to get a replacement you can order one online.  The things you need to fill out, you might actually be to get on anyone just by reviewing their Facebook page.

You don’t exactly have to be the world’s greatest criminal mastermind to get someone’s birth certificate.  And this is the document that is used to prove citizenship?  My mortgage, bank statement, utility bill, or tax records at least show that I am sending money to a place that supplies services to my home or gave me money to buy my home.  My birth certificate does none of those things.  I don’t mind having to prove I am a citizen, but figure out a way that cross-eyed, hairless llama couldn’t do.  And if I did it to get my license the first time, how about not forgetting that I have already it.

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The Big Game

Today we have one of the largest sporting events in the United States (not the world, that goes to the other football, otherwise known as soccer). The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, and if you are a fan of either team, sports can be like politics. I am a Steelers or Eagles fan, depending on whose doing better. When I said that to a Cowboys fan, it was like I was a democrat at an NRA convention.

Even though I am a fan of football, I can’t see getting upset when my team loses (of course with my teams I am just immune to disappointment anyway). But I see some people get really angry or sad when their team loses, no matter the league or sport. I always thought following sports was for entertainment, but if you take it so seriously, that it can make or ruin your day, is it really the escape it is supposed to be? Losing friends and family over something that doesn’t make much of a difference a week later just seems silly, it’s not like your loosing benefits or money (provided your not gambling on the game).

Of course I also can’t see spending the amount of money and time on going to a game either. I get wanting to spend time with friends and family, but all of the headaches of going to a game are just overwhelming for me. The tickets are expensive and so is parking, and what do you get for it, even if your on the field your never going to be able to see what they show you on television. I hate the traffic when I go to work, but going to sporting events makes rush hour traffic look like a Sunday afternoon drive (except when a sporting event is going on, obviously). Then there is the bathroom, watching the game at home, it is a short walk to the bathroom, and with a DVR, I can pause the game and rewind if I missed something. And the best part, it is free to stay home and watch. I know, someone is going to point out that there are ads, but remember I have a DVR, I skip most of those bastards, but I stop for the funny ones.

If you are staying at home to watch the Super Bowl it is another American holiday, complete with its traditional cuisine of pizza, wings, chips, soda, and beer. We hang out with our family and friends and have a good time, even when our teams aren’t playing in the game. It’s like Thanksgiving for sports. So everyone have a good Super Bowl Sunday, and may the best team win (since it isn’t the Steelers or the Eagles).