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Benefits of Temptation (Fighting the Good Fight)

The challenges we come across everyday can be annoying if not down right infuriating.  The true measure of our character is how we react to these challenges, whether they be challenges to our patience or challenges to moral and ethical code.  Moral and ethical challenges generally show up in the form of temptation.

We all have our vices, and every day we will have to confront them one way or another.  Some of us are tempted by alcohol, others drugs, and yet others are tempted by sex.  Perhaps the most difficult temptation of all is food.  While the others can be given up entirely without having to worry about dying, food on the other hand, has to be moderated.  And the mother of all addictive substances is sugar, something that is in everything we eat and is necessary for life, but it too must be moderated, and not completely abstained from.

Temptation does have its benefits, it does give us an opportunity to be stronger, and be an example for others fighting the same urges.  As I have heard, temptation works out the muscles of our soul just like weight lifting does for our actual muscles.  If we really think about it, we always like a challenge in everything we do.  It keeps things interesting.  Imagine if all of the sports and games were easy, could you grow or get better at them?  Would you even want to play them if they were easy?

With out temptation or the desire to be challenged we would not progress forward.  We would not have advanced sciences, mathematics, or technology.  So, no matter how much you may be tempted keep fighting the good fight, and know that when it is over, you will be stronger and better for having not given in or backing down.

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The Big Game

Today we have one of the largest sporting events in the United States (not the world, that goes to the other football, otherwise known as soccer). The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, and if you are a fan of either team, sports can be like politics. I am a Steelers or Eagles fan, depending on whose doing better. When I said that to a Cowboys fan, it was like I was a democrat at an NRA convention.

Even though I am a fan of football, I can’t see getting upset when my team loses (of course with my teams I am just immune to disappointment anyway). But I see some people get really angry or sad when their team loses, no matter the league or sport. I always thought following sports was for entertainment, but if you take it so seriously, that it can make or ruin your day, is it really the escape it is supposed to be? Losing friends and family over something that doesn’t make much of a difference a week later just seems silly, it’s not like your loosing benefits or money (provided your not gambling on the game).

Of course I also can’t see spending the amount of money and time on going to a game either. I get wanting to spend time with friends and family, but all of the headaches of going to a game are just overwhelming for me. The tickets are expensive and so is parking, and what do you get for it, even if your on the field your never going to be able to see what they show you on television. I hate the traffic when I go to work, but going to sporting events makes rush hour traffic look like a Sunday afternoon drive (except when a sporting event is going on, obviously). Then there is the bathroom, watching the game at home, it is a short walk to the bathroom, and with a DVR, I can pause the game and rewind if I missed something. And the best part, it is free to stay home and watch. I know, someone is going to point out that there are ads, but remember I have a DVR, I skip most of those bastards, but I stop for the funny ones.

If you are staying at home to watch the Super Bowl it is another American holiday, complete with its traditional cuisine of pizza, wings, chips, soda, and beer. We hang out with our family and friends and have a good time, even when our teams aren’t playing in the game. It’s like Thanksgiving for sports. So everyone have a good Super Bowl Sunday, and may the best team win (since it isn’t the Steelers or the Eagles).