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SMILE, Darn ya Smile!!

Smile!!!  No matter how you feel, no matter what you have to fight through, smile.  The amazing thing about smiling, is that even when you don’t think you can, just by forcing it you can feel better.  The power of happiness, has a placebo effect, because while flexing some muscles in your face shouldn’t be able to do anything, somehow it does.  The placebo effect, has been documented to show that the mind can help you deal with symptoms of disease, but most importantly pain and stress. 

Your brain will release endorphins and dopamine to make you feel better.  It is a similar effect, that is suspected in why zero calorie sweeteners (natural or artificial) can make you gain weight.  When your brain senses sweetness, it tells the pancreas to produce insulin, but without any sugar in your blood, that insulin will make you gain weight.  So, to a certain degree, your happiness is in your control, and just that simple act of smiling, may actually make you feel happy.

This isn’t to say that you need to hide your feelings or not deal with them, but attack them with a smile on your face.  Don’t let anything steal your happiness, focus on what you do have, instead of what may have been lost or never attained.  There is always a silver lining, you just may have to look harder for it this time than the last time.  The most important thing is not giving up, and a smile may actually help you get through whatever it is.

The other thing to think about is those around you dealing with their issues, seeing you smile may help others get through their day.  Almost everyone, has a beautiful smile, and even those that are missing teeth, or maybe haven’t been to the dentist in while, SMILE.  Embrace what you have and share some happiness, so that we all can make it through the day, and maybe make tomorrow a little easier.

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The Choice of Happiness

I know that things today can be a little more difficult than they were just a few decades ago (good grief the 90s don’t seem that long ago).  The internet has really changed things, both for the good and the bad (mostly good, I really like not having to leave my house to do my grocery shopping).  But once you put yourself out there, you open yourself up to the world and all that comes with it.  I’ve been doing this blog for about a week not, and my friends keep warning me about some of the bad reactions I may get for what I am saying.

So, if anyone wants to say mean or harsh things in the comments, I welcome it, we don’t have to agree on many things or even anything, but we are entitled to our opinions.  People are even entitled to an opinion many would find reprehensible, that is the benefit and plague of freedom.  This blog is a release for me, and it may irritate some people out there, but words to me are just that words.  Words may hurt your feelings, but it is the actions afterwards that really matter.

I am used to people despising me, for a whole host of reasons, and some of those people are the ones who were supposed to love me unconditionally.   It was because I said something that they didn’t like, that they cast me away.  But I don’t rely on those people to fulfill my obligations and responsibilities in life, so their feelings and words don’t really change anything.  The morning still comes, and you enjoy what you have, no matter how little it may be, or you can be upset that you don’t have more.  o everyone out there who feels down or lonely, remember your happiness is in your control, you can either give others power over your happiness or you can keep that power to yourself.