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Conflict of Life

Seize the day, live like there is no tomorrow, life is too short, are all popular sayings that we say to each other.  They have merit in making us cherish every moment we have, especially with the family and friends that we do have.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, with any of them, and it is easy to take for granted what we do have today. 

I lost contact with a lot of friends over time, and I when I started trying to reconnect, I found out several of them were no longer with us.  It really hits you hard when you realize people your age, have already left us, in almost all the cases, I have no idea what happened.  While the curiosity is there, it is just wrong to ask.  I wish I would have done things a little differently, but at the same time, if you live like there is no tomorrow, what happens if there is a tomorrow.

The reason I lost contact was because I focused all my time and attention doing things to take care of my family.  I focused on being there when my kids needed me for doctors’ appointments, games, choir, band, and being good at my job so I could give them a good life.  I started a business so my kids would have a place to work when they grow up, and also as my retirement plan, so I wouldn’t burden them if I lived too long.  Much like everything in life, being the extreme to either side can be problematic. 

If you seize the day and live like there is no tomorrow, you may become a burden to the people you are trying to spend that time with.  But if you plan for all the tomorrows, you will miss life as it passes you by.  But in the middle, you can plan for tomorrow and live life today, both require you to sacrifice a little of the other, but in the end you may be better off.